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Transform Your Life

With the Guidance of a Certified life Coach & Weight Loss Expert!

Hi, I'm Julia.
I help you discover your unlimited potential, set goals and achieve them, live your life with excitement and joy, or just feel better...

Whatever goal you may have comes down to exercising your brain on a regular basis. 

  • Change a habit

  • Write a book

  • Drink less or lose weight

  • Improve relationships

  • Change career

  • Live each and every single day to the fullest...

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Here's the truth.

No matter what you do or how much you have, it doesn't make you happy. 

No amount education, success, purses, children, or vacations determine how happy you are. This is why you are still left wanting more.


You still wake up with lingering anxiety, worry, or boredom...looking for something else to fill up your day- something else to learn, somewhere to go, something more to eat and drink. 

 I’m one of them, who spent years searching for something, drinking away, popping pills and spending thousands on fancy things, chasing happiness and constantly feeling guilty about feeling bad.

If this resonates with you- I can help!

 5 Tips 

How to  Make Your   2023 More Focused & Productive!

Words from our Clients

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Sara J

Like a Light Bulb Going Off in My Brain!

Julia was my very first Life Coach ever! Each session was like a light bulb going off in my brain!

Julia has very unique way to explain things - no matter what I would bring to session , she would dissect it in the most simple yet scientific way, helped me to see everything in different way - it's not me, it's my brain!


I thought i had a time Management Problem.

I signed up with JuliaAbramsonCoaching to get my projects finished , I thought I had time management problem.
Not only Julia showed up that time doesn't require management, only my mind
does, she also used super effective tools with me and helped me to see how I can create whatever I want with just thinking on purpose.


 Free Myself from the Emotional Attachment with Food

Julia has helped me see the relationship between food and other areas of my life. With Julia's expertise, I have embarked on a positive cycle of eating well, exercising and listening to my own body's needs.I have increased my energy level and the variety of healthy foods I eat. I have begun to free myself from the emotional attachment with food

Ready to stop chasing things you think will create happiness and fulfillment and instead discover how to create it for yourself?

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